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Executive Travel Safety Training

ExecSecure Travel Safety Briefings

ExecSecure offers clients access to the range of Explore Secure® online business travel safety briefings. This state of the art animation based e-learning briefing prepare traveling executives and starts prior to their departure. Designed by our experienced training team these online briefings deliver the essential information a busy traveler needs to plan and prepare for travel – and how to deal with issues, incidents and hazards should they be encountered whilst on their trip.

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Why Conduct Travel Safety Training?

Training is a vital component of any business operation – and safety training is no different. Our online package prepares staff and meets the corporate duty of care to demonstrate that staff have been best prepared and advised on who to minimize risk when traveling. We offer innovative business travel safety eLearning briefings aimed at minimizing risks for businesses, organizations, and their employees when traveling. Our online corporate travel safety training program provides business travelers with a user-friendly safety and security briefing designed exclusively for the business traveler. The content is focused on teaching how to identify threats early and avoid danger. This eLearning program can be delivered easily across a workforce of any size, and controlled and monitored by management. Branded delivery platforms can provide training to any number of staff and employees via our user friendly set-up process. Explore Secure provides business travel safety training to a host of businesses and corporations across the globe in order to best prepare and assist employees for business travel abroad

How long will it take? Our leaders and Executives are busy people.

Just 45 minutes spent completing a user-friendly, animated travel safety briefing can make a huge difference in the safety and security of business travelers. Our focus is to teach easy to absorb methods of learning to identify threats early to avoid the danger. Our modules are all designed to be a fun, interactive learning experience, while still covering all the important components of a travel safety program.