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ExecSecure is a secure executive transportation and personal protection service for business executives traveling throughout the world. Our innovative service is focused on the simplification and standardization of global business executive travel security. We provide highly vetted, professional security drivers and executive protection specialists in a range of vehicles (including armored vehicles) to guarantee clients secure executive transportation services in cities throughout the world. We assist in helping organizations not only meet, but exceed duty of care requirements for global business travel.

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Intensive Vetting Process

Vetted Security Drivers & Executive Protection Services

The ExecSecure process ensures our team is intensively vetted. All of our security drivers and Close Protection Officers (CPOs) undergo strict and standardized due diligence processes. It includes criminal record checks, background checks, personal and business reference checks, and fingerprint database checks (where legal & attainable) on all of our local assets. All security drivers and executive protection officers are licensed to the appropriate and legal standard in their country/region of operation, and all of the ExecSecure's security services are insured by a Lloyds of London Broker.

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Transportation and Executive Protection Specialists

Licensed and Trained 

ExecSecure’s personnel are professionals. Each person is licensed and trained to their country’s/region’s legal standards as a minimum. The majority of our security drivers and Close Protection Officers (CPOs) are ex Law Enforcement, or from an Armed Forces background. The services provided by ExecSecure go above and beyond those of ride sharing and taxi companies, enabling our valued clients to be confident that duty of care requirements for business travel safety are not only met, but exceeded. 

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Global Simplification

Meeting Duty of Care Requirements Just got Easier

At ExecSecure we focus on Simplification – providing clients with a user-friendly, global and standardized personal security service. Our system utilizes Credit Card payments and all prices are transparent and provided clearly, pre-booking. ExecSecure negates the need for RFP's, proposals, different suppliers for different regions, and complicated, inefficient invoice and payment processes.  

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Tailored Executive Security Services

Protective Services Adapting To Your Personal needs

Select your dates and choose your vehicle type; whether armored Sedans or non-armored SUV's, we have a range of capabilities in multiple countries. Whether you want just the vehicle and the driver, or have a CPO accompanying you, or multiples thereof, the ExecSecure platform is designed to give you flexibility, and allows you to choose and tailor services to best meet your requirement. 

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Free Access to ExploreSecure® Travel Safety Training

Access to cutting-edge eLearning for all travelers utilizing our Secure Transport Services

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Meet Duty of Care Business Travel Requirements

Business Travel Security Concerns Covered

ExecSecure assists organizations meet their duty of care requirements for executives and employees traveling around the world.  Ensure your travelers are met at the airport by trusted and vetted security professionals, that they are transported between meetings, and don't have to utilize public transport or ride share services. Be confident knowing they have high level insurance coverage, that you can find their location and communicate with them in an emergency. All of these key business travel duty of care requirements can now be met by one single provider at great value. 

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Excellence at Value

Personal Security Services at Highly Competitive Rates

ExecSecure work to provide a high quality security service at excellent value. Our trusted suppliers throughout the world have been sourced, trained, and vetted to ensure that you have a first-class executive transportation and security service every time you travel. The key focus is on the safety and security of you and/or your executives complemented with efficient logistical management, and the provision of multiple extra services, providing extra value at every juncture. We provide all our secure transportation services at competitive global rates, and clients can rest assured knowing that they are receiving the very highest standard of service. 

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