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Close Protection Services

What is Close Protection / Executive Protection?

Close Protection is the provision of personal security, often referred to as Executive Protection or Bodyguard services to a dedicated principal or client.  This service is provided by one or more Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) to deliver high level of personal protection in order to provide a safe and secure environment in order to allow the client to achieve their specific business goals and objectives.  In Execsecure the CPO service is tailored to providing business travelers a highly trained and vetted CPO to meet them on their arrival, manage the travelers local logistics, liaise with the driver, and act as a proactive threat avoidance measure as well as responding to any issue or incident should it occur.

Our service delivery is focused on personal protection but always cognizant of corporate reputation and brand management commensurate with risk. Our CPO's are trained to deliver effective low profile protection when appropriate and how to interact and behave in an executive environment. Our CPOs operate in strict compliance to local laws and regulations in addition to guiding principles of avoidance of conflict and the use of minimum force in response to a threat. Our CPOs operate in the strictest confidence especially with regards the confidentiality and commercially sensitive nature of any client programs. 

Why is Close Protection Needed?

Close Protection is often required when working or traveling in areas of increased risk or less permissive and hostile environment. The requirement for a CPO further exists if the traveler has an increased risk due to their business role, or specific sensitive reasons for travel.

Having a Close Protection team is no longer the reserve of VIPs and celebrities. In this increasingly uncertain modern era of dynamic threats and dangers it is often pertinent for business travelers to consider Close Protection when operating in higher risk environments. This can be the case for certain cities or regions of a country – even if the majority of the country is broadly safe and permissive for overseas travelers.

Exec Secure CPOs provide assurance and confidence through the provision of a dedicated security service in support of executive travelers to reduce their exposure to hazards and risks and react effectively to maintain the integrity of the traveler in the event of an incident.