Tel Aviv Secure Transportation Services

ETS Security Overview – Israel

The political situation in Israel is continually evolving due to ongoing conflicts with its neighbors. Since the creation of the country in 1948 where the United Nations drew up borders to create the country of Israel, there has been a continual conflict, primarily with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Hamas, Hezbollah, and various neighboring countries. 

Numerous border disputes are unresolved, specifically the occupied territories, border areas, and the Golan Heights. These are subject to random attacks whether that be over the border rocket attacks, artillery, or border infiltration but armed groups. In addition to this tension remains very high with Lebanon where military conflict has and does flair up due to the significant presence of Hezbollah on the Lebanese side of the border. This has led to major military conflicts between the two countries recently. 

Generally speaking, Israel has a heightened risk of terrorism and an attack is assessed as likely. Terrorist groups have no specific target focus and attacks are indiscriminate. The locations assumed at higher risk to travelers includes transportation networks and known areas where western travelers convene.
Crime rates within Israel are relatively low due to high police and government security presence however crime does happen. Travelers should aware of pickpocketing and potential street robbery especially in such areas of Jerusalem and Bethlehem which sees high numbers of tourists each year.
Driving in Israel can be erratic especially in areas such as the occupied territories where driving standards are low. Outside of the occupied territories driving conditions are reasonable and the law is enforced but persons driving outside law face high fines and are subject to the arrest depending on the type of incident.

Medical care in Tel Aviv and other major Israeli cities is considered good but can be substandard in the occupied territories. Should someone suffer a serious illness or injury then transfer from the occupied territories to a location such as Tel Aviv is considered the norm. 
As part of our service all clients have free access to our ExploreSecure® eLearning Travel Security training pre-departure.

ETS Experience in Israel

ETS has been operating in Israel since 2012 where we have served high profile clients such as Fortune 500 companies, high net worth individuals as some examples. We have provided all of our services on offer to ensure their needs were met and our delivery was of the highest standard. 

Israel Executive Protection and Security Services

ETS has the comprehensive capability to provide clients the very highest standard of service within Israel. We have local resources available to ensure your safety through our local trusted suppliers of bi-lingual drivers and Executive Protection Officers.

ETS Risk Management has been operating in the Middle East since 2012, producing positive results in challenging environments. ETS has a specialist team located in Israel, highly skilled and professional individuals who prosper in their roles. Our team includes security drivers who are locally sourced and experienced executive protection personnel so that we fulfill all of your criteria.

Secure Airport Transfers – Tel Aviv and Other Major Cities

ETS provides secure airport transfers at affordable rates. Our protective team will meet you within the airport terminal and escort you to the vehicle, ensuring a safe onward journey to your destination. This provides you with the peace of mind that your safety will paramount and that you will be transferred and arrive at your destination safely.

Security Services Offered in Tel Aviv

•    Secure Ground Transportation
•    Meet and Greet on Arrival 
•    Executive Protection Personnel
•    Bilingual Local Security Drivers 
•    Armored and Non-Armored Vehicles
•    Site Security Surveys
•    Intelligence and Due Diligence
•    Travel Risk Management