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ETS Security Overview – Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an incorporated territory of the United States and because of this it does not have its own independent autonomy and is subject to federal guidance and funding. Puerto Ricans are granted US citizenship but do not have full political representation under the United States. Unfortunately, the Island of Puerto Rico has suffered from high levels of government debt which has led to economic instability. This has been made even worse by natural disasters which have severely affected the islands infrastructure and economic well being 

Natural disasters have played a tragic role recently in Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria caused widespread fatalities and damage to the infrastructure to the island which severely damaged Puerto Rico’s power grid which led to power outages to the island's population. The medical care after the disaster was severely impacted which led to fatalities. In addition to this country-wide communications were destroyed and it placed the island in a "communications black out" both internally and internationally. There was widespread damage across the island from towns, major cities, agriculture, and industries throughout

Crime can be an issue in Puerto Rico. Instances of pick pocking and street robbery occur also acts of violence such as sexual assaults and homicide do happen however despite having a high homicide rate this is normally gang-related. That being said all travelers should be aware of their surroundings and pay particular attention at crowded gatherings and traveling at night. It should be important to note that Puerto Rico is a tropical island which is in large parts mountainous and rural so caution should always especially when traveling in remote areas

The infrastructure of the roads is generally considered well maintained on the major routes of travel and on par with western standards however the level of driving can be erratic, so it is always important to drive defensively. In addition to that rural roads, especially in jungle and mountainous areas that can be badly effected should a natural disaster such as hurricane occur

As part of our service all clients have free access to our ExploreSecure® eLearning Travel Security Training pre-departure.

Puerto Rico Executive Protection and Security Services

In addition to ETS’s regular service offerings, such as Secure Ground Transport and Executive Protection we have extensive experience when it comes to dealing with complex and highly fluid situations. Our in-country team is experienced in solving some of the most complex scenarios that have been presented to us, whether that be being presented with a complex security operation or a major disaster

We can ensure that you are safely and securely transported and guarded throughout your travels in Puerto Rico. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Secure Airport Transfers – San Juan and other major cities

ETS provides security airport transfers to facilitate safe and secure movement from the airport to your hotel and vice versa. We have a range of vehicle options, all with security drivers, and our Executive Protection officers so we can ensure a secure meet and greet service and escort you to your destination on arrival.  

ETS Experience - Puerto Rico

ETS has deployed rapid-response disaster security teams in under 24 hours to the island after the category 5 hurricane, Maria, hit the island. Due to the strength of the storm, the damage to the infrastructure of the island was extreme. However, our team were able to quickly and efficiently assess the situation on the ground, analyze effectively the main risks presented to our client and then assist to ensure our clients were secured safely and effectively. In addition to this we are regularly relied upon but high net worth individuals, Fortune 10’s, Fortune 500 and various other groups to ensure their safety while travelling in Puerto Rico.

Security Services Offered in San Juan

•    Secure Ground Transportation Drivers
•    Unarmed/Armed Executive Protection Personnel
•    Bilingual Local Security Drivers 
•    Armored and Non-Armored Vehicles
•    Site Security Surveys
•    Risk Assessments
•    Event Management
•    Travel Risk Management