Montevideo Secure Transportation Services

ETS Security Overview - Uruguay

Uruguay has seen a considerable rise in crime since 2018. There is a significant risk of crime including armed robbery, carjacking, and assault. Opportunistic street crime is the predominant risk for business travelers to Montevideo. Organized, and opportunistic criminals alike target pedestrians and vehicles for valuables, often utilizing mopeds or motorcycles to commit crimes. The local term for the motorbike criminal teams is Motochorros, and often they work in pairs. They will not hesitate to use violence.

Road traffic crashes (RTCs) are very common and overland transportation in Uruguay is often dangerous outside of Montevideo due to poorly maintained infrastructure as well as poor police presence. Very heavy traffic in Montevideo increases risk of being targeted in congestion, traffic lights, or junctions by criminal groups.

All clients utilizing our services get free access to the ExploreSecure® Travel Security Training.

Uruguay Secure Transportation Services and Security

ETS Risk Management provides a range of travel risk management and secure transportation services in Uruguay. Our team of local, English speaking security drivers has assisted Fortune 500 clients in VIP Protection, secure transportation, and risk management in Montevideo and the local area.

Executive Protection and Secure Transportation in Montevideo

ETS has excellent capability and experience in Montevideo and Uruguay. We have a small team of very experienced Executive Protection specialists for security assignments, all of whom stem from Military, Law Enforcement or the Intelligence community and have extensive experience in Executive Protection for both the public and private sector. The Executive Protection team in Montevideo are former high-level federal officers, and ETS security drivers in Montevideo have all received high-level training from Government agencies and conducted security operations for corporations and HNWI’s.

Security Services Offered in Montevideo

  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Executive Protection
  • Local Drivers – English speaking
  • Non-Armored Vehicles
  • Site Security Surveys
  • Project management
  • Travel Risk Management