Monrovia Secure Transportation Services

ETS Security Overview - Liberia

Despite Liberia being considered high risk, the political status is somewhat stable since the end of the civil war in 2003.  The government has been working with the United Nations and other international entities to improve the overall stability and infrastructure in the region.  

Crime is an issue in Liberia where muggings, armed robbery, murder, and assault are common, especially in â€¯Monrova. The majority of crimes occur in the vicinity of restaurants, hotels and other areas frequented by foreign visitors.  Public transport facilities are also considered high risk, and should be avoided where possible. Violent crime against women is extremely high, traveling at night will likely increase the risk of being targeted. Unfortunately, the Liberian National Police lack infrastructure and support; therefore are unable to effectively prevent crime or investigate incidents.

Road conditions are generally poor and although there are some paved roads mainly in the capital outside Monrovia the roads are mainly unpaved. The quality of driving is also considered to be of a low standard which further increases the risk of an incident. Additionally, avoid driving at night as highway robbery is commonplace.

Medical services are extremely poor in Liberia and there are very few trained medical personnel

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Liberia Executive Protection and Security Services

ETS has a robust capability to provide clients a range of security services within Liberia and neighboring regions. We have local western expatriate resources available for project management of assignments, supported by trusted bi-lingual security drivers, and Executive Protection officers. 

For travel within Liberia, we strongly suggest a comprehensive security approach that includes pre-travel preparation, technical support, medical, and emergency response plans.

Secure Transportation and Executive Protection Services in Liberia

We are able to offer secure transport and executive protection officers for the duration of your travels within Liberia. Whether that is for an individual traveler or groups of travelers we are able to meet your requirements. 

Secure Airport Transfers in Monrovia

When traveling to Liberia it is important to pre-book your secure airport transfer before you depart. The security situation between the airport and Monrovia is considered dangerous; traveling unaccompanied at night will likely increase the risk to personal security.  ETS provides secure airport transfers in Monrovia that meet, escort, and transfer you safely with one of our in-country security drivers, and if required an Executive Protection officer.

Security Services Offered in Monrovia

  • Unarmed/Armed Security officers
  • Unarmed and Armed Executive Protection Personnel
  • Bilingual Local Security Drivers
  • Secure SUV’s, Sedan’s, Luxury Sedan’s and Mini Vans
  • Site Security Surveys
  • Travel Risk Management