Maputo Secure Transportation Services

ETS Security Overview - Mozambique 

The southern region of Mozambique is considered moderate for terrorism with terrorist groups heavily active within the country.  There is strong support for ISIS in the north and attacks are frequent, Mocimboa da Praia where the main airport for international workers is located and Cabo Delgado have been vulnerable to attacks in the past.  Consequently, the north of Mozambique is considered high risk for travel.

Crime is prevalent throughout the country including Maputo.  Knife crime, robberies at gunpoint, car-jackings, and kidnappings are common. Foreign visitors including NGOs and tourists are frequently targeted due to their perceived wealth and unfamiliarity of the environment.  Police corruption is a major concern, travelers have been victims of bribery in the past to avoid fines or jail time over non-existent violations.

The standard of driving in Mozambique is very poor; the majority of drivers are uninsured and unqualified. The roads are inadequately marked and in poor condition with potholes and rough surfaces causing problems for inexperienced drivers. Due to the majority of vehicles being poorly maintained and dangerous road surfaces vehicles have a tendency to breakdown, this can result in travelers being stranded in unfamiliar surroundings.  There is a high risk of road traffic collisions (RTCs) due to the extreme driving conditions, unpredictable driving behavior and poor infrastructure.

Public transport is considered highly dangerous and traffic collisions (RTCs) are common.  Drivers are untrained and lack regard for other road users or traffic laws.

All clients utilizing our services get free access to the ExploreSecure® Travel Security Training.

Secure Airport Transfers in Maputo  

ETS is available to support airport transfers in Maputo with local security drivers and executive protection teams. We facilitate secure transfers for a range of clients and are preferred suppliers to several Fortune 500 companies in the city. Our security teams provide a meet and greet service and secure movement to your hotel or vice versa.  

ETS Secure Airport Transfers and Travel Risk Management

ETS has been coordinating secure ground transportation and Executive Protection services for Energy companies, NGO’s and business travelers in Mozambique. We have provided logistics and secure transportation for executives attending corporate meetings, airport transfers including discreet meet and greet services, and risk management solutions for clients in Maputo.   ETS conducts risk assessment and due diligence as part of a comprehensive security plan to support all travel itineraries. Our local team of security experts provide a great deal of experience at a commercial level and will always remain flexible to requirements.

Security Services Offered in Maputo

  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Licensed Executive Protection Team
  • Local Drivers – Portuguese and English-speaking translators
  • Non-Armored Vehicles
  • Risk Reports
  • Travel Security Training