Lusaka Secure Transportation Services

ETS Security Overview - Zambia 

There is a high risk of crime in Zambia. Foreign visitors are at higher risk due to their perceived wealth and having valuables on display, e.g. laptops, phones purses etc. Street gangs operate in certain parts of Lusaka and Livingstone and will use armed violence if necessary. Thieves typically focus their attention in areas that are heavily populated with western travelers and on occasions hotel rooms have been targeted for petty crime gains.  Foreign nationals are typically at high risk due to perceived wealth, through smartphones and other valuables unconsciously on display.

The standard of driving in Zambia is very poor; the majority of drivers are uninsured and road conditions throughout the region, including Lusaka are dangerous.  The local driving community ignore road traffic safety and laws.  The roads are in poor condition and drivers travel at excessive speeds where road and vehicle conditions are unsafe.  There is an extremely high risk of road traffic collisions (RTCs) due to the poor driving conditions, erratic driving behavior and inadequate road safety laws.  A large portion of accidents occurs when traveling during the hours of darkness where visibility is greatly reduced.

Vehicles are stopped frequently on major roads by police officers through impromptu, and sometimes unauthorized roadblocks.  Bribes are common and officers are known to fine individuals when no violations are present.  Consider traveling in secure vehicles to reduce compromising personal security.

All clients utilizing our services get free access to the ExploreSecure® Travel Security Training.

Secure Airport Transfers in Lusaska

ETS provides secure airport transfers to your chosen destination at affordable rates. Our local security team can meet you in the airport terminal, escort you to the vehicle, and ensure a safe transition.  We also provide a reciprocal service from your hotel which will enhance your personal security when on the return route.

ETS Security Experience in Zambia

ETS is the trusted provider of secure transportation to Fortune 500 companies and VIP travelers in Zambia.  To facilitate movements in the region we have provided multiple secure airport transfers for business travelers, supported corporate and business development meetings, and provided clients with reliable risk management strategies to enhance personal security. 

Zambia Secure Transportation and VIP Protection

ETS Risk Management provides a range of close protection, travel risk management and secure transportation services in Zambia. ETS has been operating in the region for several years supporting business travel security and secure ground transportation. We have an excellent team of local security professionals that facilitate a high level of close protection services to our clients.

ETS provides protective services to a range of visitors and business travelers in Lusaka and Zambia.  Our clients include Energy Corporations, VIPs, and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs).  In Zambia, we typically utilize non-armored SUV's accompanied by a trained security driver and unarmed close protection officer, depending on the risk. Our team of security professionals will remain flexible to changing situations and always ensure safety is at the forefront. 

Security Services Offered in Lusaka

  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Protective Security officers
  • Local Drivers – English speaking
  • Non-Armored Vehicles
  • Risk Reports
  • Travel Risk Management