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ETS Security Overview - China

China’s political status is one of a one-party state which is run by the Communist Party of China (CPC). The CPC runs the state media closely and other media outlets are monitored such as 3rd party news reporting and journalistic investigations. In addition to this, the internet is also tightly controlled where certain websites such as social networking are heavily restricted. Additionally, there are ongoing territorial disputes with neighboring countries that have led to high levels of tension. Internally Hong Kong remains a hotspot for protesting due to the Hong Kong Extradition Bill which has now been revoked but protests are ongoing. There are also autonomous regions in China such as Tibet and Xinjiang Uyghur where social uprising can happen, and travelers should expect heightened levels of security. Travelers should be mindful of making comments about the Chinese government.

Personal attacks, including sexual assaults, are rare but they do occur, including through drinks being spiked. You should take reasonable precautions - don’t leave drinks unattended and avoid accepting drinks from strangers. Women, travelling alone or with female friends, could be at greater risk. Serious crime against foreigners is relatively rare, but incidents do occur and less serious crime is not unusual. You should take care of your belongings at major tourist sites and other busy places, particularly where foreigners gather. Avoid travelling in unmarked or unmetered taxis, as there have been incidents of sexual assault and robbery against foreigners. There is a risk of attack from armed criminals in remote areas. The areas bordering on Siberia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Laos and Burma are poorly policed. In Yunnan Province, drug smuggling and other crimes are increasing.

Beware of scams in popular tourist areas. A common example is the ‘tea tasting’ scam or ‘massage’ scam. You may be invited to visit a bar, to participate in tea tasting or for a massage, but then face demands for an exorbitant fee. This can be followed by threats or actual violence, and credit card fraud. Check QR code stickers on rental bicycles carefully before using them. There have been cases of the legitimate barcode being replaced with a false code, which redirects money to a different account.

There has been some terrorist activity in China and these have been mostly small explosions and knife attacks. In the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, the threat of terror attacks is higher as local groups linked to the East Turkestan Islamic Movement have been reported as carrying out attacks. Because of this, there is a heightened security presence where people are subject to airport-style security checks when entering buildings.

Road travel in China is considered to be relatively high risk and this is due to heavy congestion, generally low driving standards which lead to frequent accidents. The roads are paved in the cities but in rural areas they sometimes are not. Because of the vast amount of traffic in cities, it is recommended that you have a driver who knows the routes and can navigate effectively to get you to your destination while also understanding local law in the event of an accident.

China is prone to various natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes and flooding. Roads can be dramatically affected by any of these and certainly in rural areas roads can be washed away in the event of a flood or landslide. Typhoon season in China runs between May and November.

As part of our service all clients have free access to our ExploreSecure® eLearning Travel Security Training pre-departure.

Chengdu Executive Protection and Security Services

ETS has a robust capability and can provide clients with a range of security services within China whether that be secure airport transfers or executive protection officers to ensure your safety while traveling between meetings or traveling throughout the country for business or pleasure. We have bilingual security officers and secure driver options, as well as translators and business risk management consultancy experts. Additionally, ETS has the ability to support large scale events and deploy multiple security staff to support such events.

ETS can ensure that you are secure for either short term or extended periods while traveling in China whether that be in a major city or a rural location. Due to our trusted team of experienced security staff, we can offer you a best in class service while also being able to adapt plans at a moments notice should your situation change due to an unforeseen situation.

Secure Transportation and Executive Protection in China

Executive Protection and Secure Ground Transportation Services provided by ETS Risk Management in China help mitigate and manage inherent risk. The ETS team has excellent working knowledge and impressive experience of operating in China and its various provinces. We have comprehensive coverage throughout the region and can provide executive protection, secure transportation, and excellent local knowledge through our staff in-country.

Secure Airport Transfers in Chengdu

ETS Risk Management provides Secure Airport Transfers in Chengdu at competitive rates with VIP security drivers and high-level vehicles while also operating with a low profile if required. Our local security teams and drivers can meet and greet in a low-profile manner at the airport or hotel, escort you to the vehicle, and ensure a secure transition to your destination. We are also highly adaptative to change and ensure that the ETS team on the ground can transfer you safely and efficiently should the situation on the ground change at short notice.

Security Services Offered in Chengdu

  • Executive Protection Personnel – English speaking
  • Secure Local Drivers – English speaking
  • Secure SUV’s, Sedan’s, Luxury Sedan’s and Mini Vans
  • Site Security Surveys
  • Risk Assessments
  • In-country project management
  • Large scale event security support
  • Travel Risk Management