Brasilia Secure Transportation Services

ETS Security Overview - Brazil

Brazil is considered high risk for business and leisure travelers due to violent crimes such as assault, robbery, kidnapping and murder perpetrated by gangs that control the notorious “Favelas”. Non-violent crimes including thefts, pickpocketing and credit card scams are also prevalent in tourist and highly populated locations.

Travel by road in Brazil is medium to high risk. The standard of driving is poor, with many drivers insufficiently trained, uninsured and unqualified. Due to the low driving conditions, traffic can become congested in most major cities, including Rio de Janeiro. High volumes of traffic present a dangerous threat to travelers from opportunistic criminals in the area. Major roads that handrail or dissect through favelas are hotspots for criminal activity and western travelers are at increased risk. Common crimes include accessing static vehicles at traffic lights or during periods of heavy congestion. Criminals are known to steal valuables, and armed violence cannot be ruled out. Click here to learn about the F1 Grand Prix Sao Paulo Robbery Incident.

Public transport can be unsafe for foreign travelers. Major transport hubs in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo can be particularly vulnerable to criminal activity.

As part of our service all clients have free access to our ExploreSecure® eLearning Travel Security Training pre-departure.

Brazil Secure Transportation and Executive Protection Services

ETS Risk Management has been providing protective services in Brazil for nearly 8 years. In Brazil we provide high quality secure transportation (ground and air), Executive Protection, asset and supply chain security, and project management services. ETS supports client operations throughout Brazil with primary secure transportation and Executive protection service in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Brasilia.

Our local security team, led by the ETS Brazil Manager, a former Captain in the Policia Militar, provides clients the pinnacle of Executive Protection and corporate risk management service in Brazil. The vast majority of our work is in facilitating secure transportation of business travelers in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. We also assist with the movement of valuable assets over ground, and in project management of complex operations in more remote locations.

Our secure transportation Brazil network has a full range of non-armored vehicles and also low profile armored vehicles to suit our clients’ needs.

Our local security drivers are highly trained, English speaking and have a deep knowledge and understanding of the many risks and threats that Brazilians face every day especially in Rio and Sao Paulo. The ETS team has been working together since undergoing protective operations prior to, and during, FIFA 2014, and also extensive operations during Olympics Rio 2016.

ETS Security Experience in Brazil

ETS was involved extensively in both FIFA 2014 and Rio 2016 protecting tier-one sponsors , VIPs, and Celebrities in Rio de Janeiro. Services included the security of large groups of executives, secure ground transportation mostly conducted with armored vehicles, and security personnel liaising with local Law Enforcement agencies. Close protection services were provided during sport events and after hours activities and entertainment. ETS, in the past 8 years, has provided high level protective services for many organizations expanding and developing new partnerships in Rio and Sao Paulo. We have facilitated secure transportation via land, air and sea to representative of corporations, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), NGO’s, Media organizations and 10, 100 and 500 Fortune companies for which ETS Risk Management is the preferred security provider.

Secure Airport Transfers Brasilia

We provide security transfers from airport to hotels and hotels to airport at competitive rates with exceptional levels of security services including armed EP officers, and a range of options for armored and non-armored vehicles. Our local security team, all English speaking, meet and greet in a low profile manner at the airport or hotel, escort you to the vehicle, and ensure smooth and safe transition to your destination.

Security Services Offered in Brasilia

  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Helicopter transfers
  • Unarmed/Armed Security officers
  • Unarmed and Armed Executive Protection Personnel
  • Local Drivers – Brazilian (Portuguese) & English speaking
  • Armored and Non-Armored Vehicle
  • Special Event Security
  • Asset and Supply chain security
  • Site Surveys and Risk Assessments